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    Inner peace. Sounds like a luxury at times. It's not. It's a necessity.

    If you feel tired, overwhelmed, stressed (and who doesn't in these times 😔), but you also feel there's a pull to do or feel different, pause for a bit.
    Get curious about what that sensation is telling you and trust yourself to investigate. Put your detective hat on. It might lead you to a new perspective.

    In 2018 I felt that pull. I knew that if I didn't make my inner peace a priority, nothing else would work for me. It was that serious. I've trusted myself to investigate and to shift my attention. It was a conscious decision to find the help I needed.

    In these days I feel that without inner peace, we won't reach outer/outside peace. And I know so many of us want that outer peace. We want to be happy, joyous, fulfilled, at peace. We're tired of struggling when nothing seems to work.

    I can't promise I have the ultimate answers. I can only share what I've experienced. I like logic and structure too, that's why I wanted to share my experience in a framework that would make this topic clear to understand. Inner peace is a big topic.

    I've decided to share this framework with others who are feeling that inner peace is a priority for them. Yes, we will have live Zoom calls, free of charge.

    And of course, if you want to have me as a guide to help you implement and to have that support, we can have a separate call to discuss that.

    Full transparency: I will share during the group Zoom call an invitation to work with me in a group setting for two months (6 group calls and 1 private call) to help you set up the foundation for inner peace. In a nutshell, The A, B, C of Inner Peace Mentoring group is 1500 AED or 410 USD (comes down to 214 AED/ $59 per session).

    That's what makes sense for me. I want to be your guide on this journey because I know the impact it had on my mental health and general wellbeing.


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  • The A, B, C Framework for Inner Peace


    A - Agreements


    B - Boundaries


    C - Conversations

  • Take-aways from Our Participants

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    Shailaja Khan

    HR Consultant & Executive Coach, Dubai, UAE

    Ana delved into the A, B, C framework session by sharing her idea of peace, followed by engaging the participants to share what it means to each of them. This was a beautiful start as it made me reflect on how this stress-free state of mind is endowed with meaning when it comes to one's own reality. It was an interactive and thought-provoking hour with Ana as she took us through a solid structure with guidelines that are easy to follow on a day to day basis. The framework aims to feel happiness that lasts, which can lead to a state of bliss that is similar to peace.


    Ana's calming and deliberate style urged me to make a conscious effort to put the framework into practice. I recommend this productive session, even so in these challenging times.

  • About Your Host

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    Ana Caragea

    Leadership & Awareness Coach

    Hi there!

    I'm excited to be your host for this Zoom call!


    My name is Ana Caragea, I'm a professional coach helping introverts become confident in their online and offline communication skills so that they can get visible within their organization. I've been coaching for more than 6 years, and I also have a University degree in Psychology and Sociology. I've coached over 140 clients such as Managing Directors, CEOs, Sales Representatives, HR Managers. My Vision is to see Authentic Heart-Centred Leaders that put People First in every business.


    Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn before the call :)


    Speak soon!

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